Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner - Swansea, MA

Position Summary

South Bay Community Services is currently looking for a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner - Mental Health to join the team in Swansea, MA! This Nurse Practitioner will receive training once hired and will be a vital part of the drive to deliver great service to our community.

Education & Licensing Requirements

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner: * Master’s Degree in Nursing from an accredited National League of Nursing graduate school * Currently registered by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing * Two years of full time supervised clinical experience in a multidisciplinary mental-health setting and be eligible for certification as a clinical specialist in psychiatric/mental-health nursing by the American Nursing Association. Clinical Nurse Specialist * Currently registered by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing * Master's or Doctoral degree in Nursing from an accredited National League of Nursing graduate school and meets the requirements of a Psychiatric Nurse Mental Health Specialist and certified as a Clinical Nurse Specialist with the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)

Duties & Responsibilities

* Examine patients in Swansea to determine general physical condition following standard medical procedures * Consults with outside agencies, referral sources, other professionals as needed * Maintain clinical files and records for each client, including initial evaluations, assessments, treatment plans, session notes, transfer and termination summaries and other required documentation * Order laboratory and other special diagnostic tests and evaluate data obtained * Determine nature and extent of mental disorder and formulate a treatment program * Treat and direct treatment of patients utilizing psychotherapeutic methods and medications * Provide medication management for patients of the Swansea, MA clinic * Respond to client emergencies as required * Adheres to all company policies, administrative directives, and all office and administrative procedures * Adhere to all therapy guidelines and codes of conduct * Adhere to provisions of M.G.S Chapter 119, Section 51A (Mandated Reporter) and reports all occurrences immediately to the clinic and psychologist * Adhere to clinical recommendation from clinical administration * Maintain confidentiality in all clinical matters * Other duties as required

Experience & Skills

* Highly organized with solid time management skills * Demonstrate adaptability and ability to work effectively in a fast paced work environment * Strong written and interpersonal communication skills * Ability to work with a team and take direction

Benefits of Working at South Bay

* We are passionate and dedicated to helping our community * Opportunity for hands-on, invaluable experience working with our consumers in their environments * As a South Bay employee, you have a clear career path * We continually offer training and have a successful on-boarding process. * We offer competitive salary, mileage stipend, health benefits, paid time off, flexible schedule for clinical staff, strong team environment * South Bay provides in service training, licensure assistance, electronic health record, professional liability insurance, and career advancement

About South Bay

Do you want to work with leaders in your field to make an impact in underserved communities including Swansea, MA? Come join South Bay Community Services, a leader in community-based, behavioral health care. At SBCS, our mission is to encourage the self-sufficiency of disadvantaged people through behavioral health care services that are grounded in the community. We are constantly evolving our programs to meet the changing needs of our consumers. We believe, above all else, that every member of the community is worth fighting for.

South Bay Community Services is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer

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  • Location Name (Dataset): Swansea
  • Location Address (Dataset): 463 Swansea Mall Drive
  • Location City (Dataset): Swansea
  • Location State (Dataset): MA
  • Location Zip (Dataset): 02777
  • Location Telephone: 508-324-4202

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