Bilingual Early Childhood Teacher (Sign-on Bonus being offered!!)

Position Summary

Find the mentoring you’re seeking, professional supervision you’ll welcome and training that pushes you to excel as an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher at South Bay Early Childhood Services. The faces, full of hope, will attract you and quickly remind you why you decided to become an Early ChildhoodSpecial Education Teacher. The smiles and innocent laughter of a successful visit will keep you coming back for more.

Education & Licensing Requirements

* Bachelor’s degree and Department of Education certificate endorsements: * #112 Birth-Kindergarten * #113 Nursery-Third grade * #065 Comprehensive Special Education Pre-K to 12

Duties & Responsibilities

* Consult with team members in the development of individualized plans and multidisciplinary services for assigned clients * Maintain client records completely and accurately to include: a) IFSP’s with full assessment of client functioning and goals b) Documentation of client progress in the program c) Records of required contact with collaterals and family members d) Documentation of arena assessments e) Documentation of DDS forms and regulations regarding intake and discharge of clients * Adhere to professional standards and guidelines according to their respective disciplines * Keep supervisor informed of progress of all clients * Adhere to provisions of C.G.S Section 17a-101 through 17a-103a (Mandated Reporter); report all occurrences immediately to the clinic * Adhere to clinical recommendations from clinical administration * Maintain confidentiality in all clinical matters * Remain compliant with billing, documentation and minimum service delivery to substantiate each billable hour * Conduct visits with clients and relevant collaterals in natural environments according to the needs of the child and family * Participate in weekly team meetings, supervision and in-service training as required * Participate in program development and team goals * Obtain necessary certifications as required * Ensure all progress notes are countersigned by a supervisor who is licensed or certified according to DDS requirements

Experience & Skills

* Maintain a valid drivers license, registration, and insurance * Responsible for own transportation for outreach.

Must speak fluent Spanish

Benefits of Working at South Bay

* We are passionate and dedicated to helping our community * You get hands-on, invaluable experience working with our consumers in their environment * As a South Bay employee, you have a clear growth potential/ career path. * We continually offer training and have a successful on-boarding process. * We offer competitive salary, mileage stipend, health benefits, paid time off, flexible schedule for clinical staff, strong team environment, in service training, electronic health records, professional liability insurance, and career advancement.

About South Bay

Do you want to work with leaders in your field to make an impact in under served communities? Come join South Bay Community Services, a leader in community-based, behavioral health care. At South Bay, our mission is to encourage the self-sufficiency of disadvantaged people through behavioral health care services that are grounded in the community. We are constantly evolving our programs to meet the changing needs of our consumers. We believe, above all else, that every member of the community is worth fighting for.

South Bay Community Services is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.


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  • Location Zip (Dataset): 01606
  • Location Telephone: 860-578-1300

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