Experience, Skills and Knowledge

JOB SUMMARY:  Responsible for planning instruction and/or adaptation of curriculum to enable clients to benefit from group experiences. Responsible for ensuring that curriculum implementation incorporates ABA strategies and is in line with regulatory standards.


  • Provide basic core program for special needs clients. Plan curriculum, lessons, and activities.

  • Implement curriculum based upon Applied Behavior Analysis including discrete trial training, task analyses, and other research based curriculum modifications.

  • Perform portfolio assessment on necessary clients. Evaluate client progress based upon data and observation. Conduct assessments.

  • Maintain physical environment of the group room.

  • Maintain contact with staff and parents.

  • Work with staff to coordinate goals and objectives.

  • Assist in screening, evaluating and recommending placements of applicants in the Center’s groups.

  • Evaluate client progress based on work output and observation; determine goals, objectives and directions.

  • Completes group schedule for teachers and support staff.

  • Prepare progress reports, group observation records, and other miscellaneous surveys and forms.

  • Participate in team meetings and consults as scheduled.

  • Supervise and train ABA Therapists as appropriate.

  • Act as a model leader; support other staff and help implement Center wide systems.

  • Work 1:1 with clients as needed/scheduled.

  • Other duties as assigned.