Experience, Skills and Knowledge

JOB SUMMARY:  Collaborate with the Program Director and Clinical Director to oversee the daily operation of the early childhood program. Oversight includes licensing and regulation requirements, Early Education and Care staff scheduling and supervision, and group curriculum and instruction to ensure we are providing a safe and nurturing environment for our children to grow cognitively, socially, physically, and emotionally.


·     Provide supervision of lead teachers in the classroom

·     Work directly within the classroom to cover vacancies as needed. Work with clients one-on-one as needed

·     Work with center staff to develop an appropriate curriculum and lesson plans and ensure that it complies with state and federal requirements

·     Responsible for the EEC program license renewal process

·     Develop and lead new classrooms as the program expands

·     Responsible for EEC group organization and client placement

·     Responsible for EEC related paperwork and documentation to ensure up to date and in compliance

·     Prepare and ensure all EEC personnel paperwork and EEC student files are completed fully and accurately to ensure compliance with federal, state and local requirements

·     Develop, implement and deliver EEC related trainings including but not limited to early child development, lesson planning and parent communication topics

·     Perform and participate in regular health and safety checks/audits and fire drills to ensure compliance

·     Work with other center leadership on planning and holding school events

·     Responsible for the summer program planning, program and supervision

·     Prepare and distribute the EEC newsletter

·     Perform other duties as assigned