Experience, Skills and Knowledge

The ABA Therapist will work directly with 1:1 students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The ABA Therapist will utilize Applied Behavior Analysis techniques such as discrete trial training, error less learning and task analyses.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Direct individual therapy with clients
Family Communications
Use CALM techniques and movements as trained 
Assist in Data Collection
Participate in meetings (may be scheduled outside of business hours)
Coordination and communication with the client’s treatment team members
Participate in trainings
Must be able to bear/lift up to 60 pounds
Must be able to run short distances in a bolting situation
Must be able to walk to local field trips and around the center
Must be able to bend down at the waist for performance of scoops and other CALM movements.

Physical Requirements:

a)  Lifting:                                                                    Up to 60 lbs.

b) Stooping/bending:                                                    Frequent         

c) Walking/Running Crawling/climbing/kneeling:        Frequent

d) Reaching/pulling/pushing:                                       Frequent


High school diploma or equivalent. 2 years of relevant work experience in related field preferred; valid satisfactory CORI check and CPR and First Aid Certification.  Must have and maintain valid driver’s license.