Experience, Skills and Knowledge

The Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will be responsible for ensuring that all clients on caseload have overall effective treatment programming & supervision in all areas. In addition to being responsible for a caseload of students, the BCBA will be responsible for ensuring all staff are led in the direction to progress and are highly trained and skilled within their position at Futures BTC. The BCBA will be responsible for supervising clients within our group based setting and afternoon transitional skills program, 1:1 ABA and Supplemental Therapy Programs, Social Skills Program & Summer Program. Futures BTC provides services to clients between 2.5-22 years of age. Employees receive a very competitive benefit program including over 8 weeks of Paid Time Off.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

1. Consult with team members about behavior plans, curriculum modifications, accommodations and social skills and provide staff with resources, tools, and in-class modeling of techniques; 
2. Assist in overseeing and providing consultation to Futures staff regarding programming and Treatment Plan implementation 
3. Development and oversight of behavior plans for in-group implementation and assess progress of effectiveness of behavior plans and curriculum modifications.
4. Conduct new client intakes, assessments and develop insurance required treatment plans 
5. Ensure timely completion of progress reports & graphed data 
6. Ensure behavioral strategies are implemented consistently and accurately across clinical systems in all settings.
7. Attend team meetings as necessary and requested and effectively solve parental concerns.
8. Act as an active training member for direct care staff and management staff. This includes on-site staff training, orientation training, clinical and staff meetings.
9. Ensure that all staff demonstrates proficiency in using applied behavior analysis by carrying out behavior change projects, meeting designated standards of reliability and scientific rigor, satisfactorily answering questions in regard to the principles of behavior, and by demonstrating proficiency in the essential skills of the position.
10. To ensure effective communication and interpersonal skills with staff, clients and parents
11. Ensure all clients are safe by implementing and monitoring de-escalation strategies
12. Effectively supervise and manage staff within the therapy center including on-site BCBA’s
13. Supervise and manage programs
14. Guarantee overall operational efficiency and safety of staff and clients.
15. Other duties as required. 

Physical Requirements:

a)  Lifting:                                            Up to 60 lbs.

b) Stooping/bending:                           Seldom

c) Crawling/climbing/kneeling:            Seldom            

d) Reaching/pulling/pushing:              Seldom



Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, Psychology, Education or related field. Board Certification in Behavior Analysis (BCBA). Experience in applied settings developing and implementing behavioral interventions and skill acquisition programs required. Must have and maintain valid driver’s license.