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Job Detail

Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP) - Franklin/Fulton


Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, United States

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The Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner is responsible for performing independent and specialized work in clinical, counseling, and research areas under the director supervision of a Psychiatrist.



The certified registered nurse practitioner ensures provision of highest clinical quality services for all consumers

By diagnosing consumer needs and overseeing the development and implementation of consumer treatment plans; by prescribing and monitoring medications

Collaborates with entire Psychiatric team and program staff

By supervising clinical staff in their discharge of services related to consumer treatment plans; by providing oversight in the development of program and treatment policies and procedures

Assists in medication monitoring for consumers

By providing assistance with vitals and documentation during medication monitoring appointments; by regularly meeting with consumers to obtain updates regarding medication, and reviewing consumer progress

Assists consumers obtain treatment through pharmaceutical drug programs

By providing assistance to consumers without prescription drug benefits in obtaining recommended medication through pharmaceutical drug programs; by obtaining pre-authorization from insurance companies for prescriptions that require authorization for treatment

Collaborates with entire Psychology team and program staff

By meeting with consumers, doctors, and other treatment team members to develop an individualized treatment plan for each consumer; by providing appropriate individuals, organizations, and authorized family members with information or updates regarding consumer progress;  by assisting in developing an appropriate discharge plan 

Ensures compliance with regulations and requirements

By remaining current and compliant with all regulations as they apply to the Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner role and ensuring all standards are met; by acting as a clinical liaison with county agencies involved in the support and treatment of children and adolescents

Ensures compliance with policies, procedures, and regulations

By managing medical records, documentation, CARF standards, licensure compliance, and all applicable regulatory body standards

Maintains assigned, planned schedule

By following program guidelines to ensure regular service provision per agreement with supervisor within the clinic setting, dependent on assigned area

Maintains a commitment to professional development

By participating in on-going supervision, training, and department meetings, as outlined by policies and procedures; by remaining current on research and evidence-based practices for all consumer populations served

Adheres to professional and ethical interaction policies and procedures

By interacting professionally, ethically, and respectfully with consumers, other team members – including family members, and co-workers, at all times; following policy and procedure and maintaining appropriate professional boundaries

Supports on-going and future business needs

By completing other duties, as assigned, to effectively support business priorities and processes


The certified registered nurse practitioner directly impacts the clinical success of assigned programs; directly accountable for results based on clinical quality



Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in Nurse; CRNP license required


Child and adolescent experience required


Must be able to make sound independent decisions; must be able to professionally interact with employees, consumers, vendors, referral sources, and community members in a way that actively supports the company mission, vision and values, and enhances the delivery and quality of services



Outpatient clinic


Up to 75% of travel between clinic and program office locations


The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.

 May be required to remain in a stationary position 50% of the time

 May be required to occasionally move about inside a home, school, community, clinic, or program office environment to provide services to consumers, support employees and team members, or access office resources and machinery

 May be required to operate a computer and other office productivity machinery (i.e.: iPad, copier, printer)

 May be required to occasionally ascend/descend stairs to provide services to consumers, support employees and team members, or access office resources and machinery

 May be required to position self in appropriate physical proximity to provide services to consumer, support employees and team members, or access office resources and machinery

 May be required to frequently communicate with consumers, employees and team members, or external sources in a way that support’s the company mission and enhances delivery and quality of services

 May be required to recognize and determine data and information pertinent to essential job functions

 May be required to frequently transport resources and materials required to provide quality services

 May be exposed to a variety of work settings, including home, school, community, clinic, and program office environments


This position reports to Director of Clinical Services and is accountable to licensing and regulatory guidelines.  This position is held accountable by regular audits completed by the Director of Clinical Services, and the Quality Management and Human Resources departments.


Company specific information, client specific information (HIPPA)




Titles of employees supervised:

Assign and check work   

Recommend pay increase



Plan/appraise job results