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Family Centered Treatment Clinician (Therapist)


Wilmington, North Carolina, United States

Date published:


The Family Centered Treatment Clinician is responsible for helping families who are at-risk learn and adopt positive behavioral patterns through counseling, skills training, trauma treatment, interventions, community resource coordination and wraparound services.   Utilizes the FCT Model to create evidence-based family preservation that will improve youth and family functioning by providing an alternative to out-of-home placements.

Job Responsibilites:

FCT therapists strengthen the family’s problem-solving skills and operant family functioning systems, including how they communicate, handle conflict, meet the needs for closeness, and manage the tasks of daily living that are known to be related to poor outcomes for children/youth.  The therapist, in conjunction with the youth, family, and other stakeholders, develops an individualized treatment plan.  Using established psychotherapeutic techniques and intensive family therapy, the therapist works with the entire family, or a subset, to implement focused interventions and behavioral techniques designed to:

  • Enhance problem-solving
  • Improve limit-setting
  • Develop risk management techniques and safety plans
  • Enhance communication
  • Build skills to strengthen the family
  • Advance therapeutic goals
  • Improve ineffective patterns of interaction
  • Identify and utilize natural supports and community resources for the youth and parent/caregiver(s) in order to promote sustainability of treatment gains
  • Strengthen the family’s capacity to improve the youth’s functioning in the home and community
  • Provide a minimum of two multiple-hour sessions per week and increase this as indicated by the youth and family’s evolving needs
  • Frequently provides intensive therapy in the context of the family/home setting  to facilitate a sustainable change via immediate and on-site enactments or coaching to parents; offering support where and when suggestions are most needed
  • Providing telephone contact and consultation as part of the intervention
  • Provides 24 hours, seven days a week availability each phase of FCT to provide additional support and crisis services as indicated
  • Participates in Child and Family Team meetings
  • Performs other related duties and activities as required.
  • May be required to complete comprehensive clinical assessments
  • May be required to provide outpatient therapy as needed


Masters Degree in a human service field.


Fully or provisionally licensed and must be fully certified in FCT within twelve months of their initial hire via the official FCT certification program, Wheels of Change©.  Certification is granted through the Family Centered Treatment Foundation (FCT Foundation) when staff passes and show competence in required components.


All FCT therapists are expected to understand and abide by best practice standards for in home therapy including but not limited to safety of client/family/others & self, coordination of services including medical, on-call and crisis service, quick and timely responses to intake of services, and interventions that are timely, accessible, and not experimental in nature.