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Senior Therapeutic Foster Care Consultant


Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

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The Senior Therapeutic Foster Care Consultant will provide direct supervision and oversight of treatment of consultants in the delivery of foster care services. He or she will work with consultants to ensure delivery of quality coaching, support, and supervision of foster parents so that foster parents have the skills to deliver effective interventions aimed at improving child functioning across home, school and community.    

This position will require direct service delivery and leadership support.



  • Ensure that all reports are compliant with new and on-going orientation, health, safety, and foster care training requirements as set forth in the service definitions
  •  Provide oversight of client admission and discharge processes to ensure efficient utilization of beds, caseload distribution and capacity
  • Staff admissions and discharges to ensure clinically sound planning/transition services
  • Review each incident report for proper reporting and intervention response
  • Ensure each direct report has the skills to deliver substantive, valuable, efficient and effective support and coaching and supervision to foster parents with model fidelity and strict adherence to service definition requirements regarding supervision
  • Ensure each direct report knows and adheres to basic ethical tenets governing boundaries, dynamics and ethical considerations specific to providing human services to contractors, provider, family and clients in an in-home environment
  • Cultivate and create open lines of communication with associates, contractors and external community stakeholders
  • Provide close oversight of clinical documentations to include, but not limited to, clinical assessments, progress notes, person centered plans, therapy notes, child and family team meetings, school meetings, court appointments, doctors visits and foster parents documentation with specific attention to:
    • Staff each new admission to ensure client information has been obtained and carefully read and analyzed to ensure proper and proactive safeguards are in place to address special safety, health, and diversity needs
    • Review of each Discharge Summary for completeness and implementation
    • Ensure service documentation reflects direct and on-going ‘client’ involvement in discharge planning, starting at admission
  • Participate in local provider meeting, advocacy groups and community agencies to remain updated on industry knowledge, business opportunities, and service promotion
  • Meet requirements as set forth by the strategic Plan.
  • Monitor service contract, service delivery, utilization of authorized services
  • Maintain an on call schedule to ensure after hours coverage
  • Ensure prior to placement that each consumer is being placed in a properly licensed and enrolled bed
  • Responsible for creating/monitoring actions plans on all direct reports identified as having challenges/barriers to providing satisfactory services.
    • Responsible for providing direct reports with annual performance evaluations and new hires with 90-day probationary evaluation
  •   Coordinate a monthly service record review to ensure each active and recently discharged record is provided direct care services delivery as outline in the TFC Treatment Consultant job description.
  •  Candidate will be highly involved with Foster Parent training and licensing.

 Essential Management Functions 

·Ensure that Foster Care notes are written within 24 hours of service delivery,

·Foster care home visits are conducted by staff according to standards

·Coordination of chart compliance @ 100% of all consumer FC charts

·100% of all authorizations are submitted 10 days prior to previous authorization expiration by staff

·Placement response is within one hour of notification of referral.

·Market program through community outreach at least monthly via email, mail, or face to face



Must have either a master's degree in social work or related field of study from a school, accredited by the Association of Colleges and Schools or a bachelor's degree in social work or a related field and must be a Qualified Professional.



 At least two years' experience working directly with children.