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TFC Training, Licensing and Treatment Consultant


Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States

Date published:

 The Therapeutic Foster Care Training, Licensing and Treatment Consultant is responsible for (1) recruiting, training and assisting potential foster care providers with becoming licensed foster providers, then monitoring and supervising those homes to ensure full compliance at all times with rules and expectations for maintenance of licensure and ongoing development of skills and abilities to meet the needs of the population served, and (2)  assuring a person and family-centered process is used in the planning and delivery of foster care treatment and permanency planning services to clients and their support network, in compliance to the standards of operation set forth by the State of North Carolina and AFS.


JOB RESPONSIBILITIES:                                                                   


General Requirements:

  • Must communicate fully and honestly in the performance of his/her responsibilities and provides sufficient information to enable individuals being supported and others to make their own informed decision to the best of their ability.
  • Must protect the dignity, privacy and confidentiality of individuals being supported.
  • Must solicit, honor and respect the unique needs, values and choices of persons served.
  • Must maintain an average therapeutic foster care caseload of at least 6 Clients.
  • Must maintain an average licensing caseload of at least 8 licensed facilities.

Treatment Consultant Responsibilities:

  • Must complete at least one face-to-face contact with each client per month in the foster home and documents all contact on Form 52 Monthly Foster Care Contact Record
  • Must provide at least 60 minutes of treatment oversight and supervision per week to each foster parent serving a child (both parents if 2 parent home), of which at least 36 minutes (60%) must be face-to-face each week; of which at least 2 per month must take place in the foster parent’s residence; and all of which must be documented and submitted weekly on Form 51 Weekly Foster Supervision to the designated supervisor(s). 
  • Must provide and document at least one face-to-face contact per month with the client’s designated family of permanence or alternative permanency support resource (Form 52 Monthly Foster Care Contact Record).
  • Must provide and document a monthly Child Family Team meeting, preferably holding at least one CFT quarterly in the foster home, and at least one CFT quarterly in the home of the family of permanence.  (Form 52 Monthly Foster Care Contact Record/Treatment Team Summary)
  • Must collect and submit service authorization documents (CCA to support level of care, PCP with service properly designated, and Medical Necessity signature) to support new admissions to care, ensuring documents are submitted to the MCO on or before placement if emergency placement, or 14 days prior, if routine placement.
  • Must execute new admission documents accurately and completely on or before the day of placement (Forms 00 – Form 19).
  • Must execute a placement contract with the Client’s Custodian (Form 20) on or before the day of client placement, according to the agency’s standing fee schedule.
  • Must execute a placement contract with the Foster Treatment Parent (Form 21) on or before the day of client placement, according to the agency’s standing fee schedule.
  • Must obtain authorization from the CPA Executive Director, prior to negotiating and executing a special contract rate with a custodian or a foster parent.
  • Must identify/contact providers to schedule appointments for therapy, medication management and any special treatment needs, within 72 hours of placement. 
  • Must provide services in a manner sensitive to the cultural/spiritual values of client and does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, ethnicity, creed, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, national origin or mental or physical disability.  
  • Must ensure each client is served in a licensed bed with a current facility license on file and in good standing.
  • Must provide crisis response assistance 24/7

Resource Parent Training and Licensing:

·        Must participate in foster parent training and recruitment to support program growth and development requiring the following:

·        Completes training to become credentialed as a Pressley Ridge Treatment Foster Care Pre-service Curriculum Trainer, plus 6 additional hours to meet AFS pre-service curriculum requirements of 42 hours.

·        Completes the three-day specialized curriculum, Foster Home Licensing in Child Welfare Services, to become credentialed to take families through the process of becoming licensed foster care providers for AFS.

·        Ensures all adult individuals in the home, age 21 and older complete the 42 hours of pre-service training provided by the agency.

·        Coordinates the mutual home assessment process for licensing new homes with pre-service training, so that the Licensure Application and Supporting Documents are ready to submit within 14 days of completion of pre-service training.

·        Coordinates completion of core health and safety core trainings during the wait period between submission of the licensure packet and the notification from the Licensing Authority.

·        Ensures timely completion of Local Courts Records Check; NC Department of Corrections (Public Safety) Offender Information; Sex Offender and Public Registry and NC Health Care Personnel Registry for all potential, new and relicensing foster parents.

·        Ensure that each new and relicensing foster parent has signed a current an Agency/Foster Parents’ Agreement (DSS-1796) and the Discipline Agreement, properly filed in the providers’ files.

·        Obtains a medical examination of each household member within twelve (12) months and every other year thereafter.

·        Ensure pets in the foster home are properly vaccinated.

·        Ensures that material changes such as change of address, changes in occupancy, etc., are reported promptly to the licensing authority on a Foster Home Change Request Application.

·        Ensures that foster children are promptly removed any facility that is not compliant to the conditions of the license held by the facility.

·        Processes foster home terminations, transfers and changes promptly, respectfully and consistent with rule.

·        Ensures provider’s homes pass fire, safety and environmental inspections, has a working telephone and reliable transportation.

·        Visits with the foster parents on at least a quarterly basis for the specific purpose of assessing licensing requirements. These visits shall be face-to-face. Two of the quarterly visits each year shall take place in the foster home.  It is highly recommended that all quarterly visits occur in the foster home. However, two visits can occur at a location that is convenient to both the licensing worker and foster parents. These visits should occur in locations that are conducive to privacy, confidentiality, etc.  If it is not convenient for all the foster parents to meet with the licensing worker at the same time then the licensing worker shall schedule separate meetings with them. An exception to this policy can be made if one foster parent is deployed overseas. This exception must be documented in the foster home record.  Quarterly visits need to occur even if there are no foster children in the home. The licensing social worker is required to document these visits, including the dates they occur, the names of participants and notes about the content of the visits. Foster parents shall also be given an opportunity to document any of their concerns or needs.

·        Conducts a local criminal history check through AOC and DOC at initial licensure and at re-licensure and submits to the licensing authority.

·        Communicates fully and honestly in the performance of his/her responsibilities.

·        Protects the dignity, privacy and confidentiality of individuals being supported and makes full disclosure about any limitation on his/her ability to guarantee full confidentiality.

·        Objectively solicits, honors and respects the unique needs, values and choices of the persons being served.

·        Exercises good judgment within the limits of his/her qualifications and collaborates with others, seeks counsel or makes referrals as appropriate.

·        Provides services in a manner that is sensitive to cultural/spiritual values of client and does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, ethnicity, creed, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, national origin or mental or physical disability.  

·        Provides and completes documentation of services that is 100% compliant with local, state and federal standards and rules.

·        Ensures that services are properly ordered, authorized and delivered in a prompt and efficient manner according to established guidelines governing the service.


Oversees maintenance of current provider files and assures accuracy to include:

·        Application

·        Assessment information and home study

·        Medical records

·        Date and content of consultants contacts with the family

·        References from at least 2 sources

·        Annual assessment of strengths and needs of the foster family in providing care to children in their care

·        Chronological record of all placements of children receiving care in the home, including dates of care and assessment of care

·        Dates and reason for children leaving placement

·        Ongoing agency contacts

·        Foster parent participation in training activities / monitoring of training hours

·        Annual licensing compliance study and monthly inspections reports

·        If  home closes, a summary containing reason(s) for closing


Participates in new provider recruitment, pre-service training and licensure preparation process as requested, balancing caseload responsibilities with recruitment responsibilities.


Builds an average caseload of 32 licensed facilities.


Assists with monitoring overall foster parent performance; makes recommendation for improvement or removal of a foster parent; assists with matching children to placements;

assist with foster care intake as appropriate.






Bachelor level professional, with a degree in one of the following areas: Social Work, Counseling, Human Services, Sociology, or Psychology; and must be a Qualified Mental Health Professional.



At least one year of full time experience in child foster placement.