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Regional Director


Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States

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The Regional Director is responsible for the clinical management and administration of programs for Access Family Services, Inc.


·         Knowledge of private/public mental health systems.

·         Successful management experience.

·         Ability to manage effectively during change.

·         Knowledge of principles, methods and techniques of efficient management including public relations, personnel administration and sound fiscal management.

·         Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with agency personnel and multiple diverse stakeholder groups.

·      Knowledge of the North Carolina Mental Health Reform process and current regulations.

  • Monitors program financial reports, oversees the development and monitoring of the regional office annual budget.
  • Assures implementation of proper staffing within the regional office.
  • Monitors collection of data for review and analysis to assure positive outcome measurement for assigned clinical programs.
  • Monitors consumer’s census levels to ensure service levels are appropriate to continue long term funding strategies. Proactively implements a plan of action to address census concerns in advance of potential problems.
  • Oversight of clinical functions to include quality management and clinical supervision:
  • The FCT Supervisor/RD will complete all relevant training.
  • Become certified as a FCT Supervisor and maintain certification
  • The FCT Supervisor will provide supervision for a FCT team; including face-to-face supervisions occur weekly at team meetings. Individual staffing with each clinician occurs at least once every other week, using supervision documents as required. 
  • The FCT Supervisor oversees the training and certification process for the FCT Clinicians in collaboration with the FCT Trainer.
  • Review data and documentation to determine whether FCT Clinicians are meeting adherence and fidelity goals, including intensity of visits, fidelity forms, and progress through the phases.
  • Responsible for reviewing the FCT Clinician’s field certification video check-off attempts when certified, in collaboration with the FCT Trainer.
  • Participates in regular consultation with FCTF.
  • Monitor Team Members’ caseloads and documentation.
  • Assist with referrals case assignment to team members; monitors and measures client progress against treatment plans and stated goals as it applies to mental health documentation.
  • Receive and respond to crisis call
  • Assures operations meet all criteria and expectations set forth by the stakeholders and State
  •  Works towards agency goals in an efficient manner.
  •  Meets requirements as set forth by the strategic Plan.
  •  Develops/assures channels of communication between the Agency, the LME, the public and the state.
  • Oversight of the provision of services to consumers within our service areas.
  •  Monitors utilization of programs by various contract agencies.
  •  Monitors service contracts.
  •  Monitors and participates on local advocacy groups, community agencies, planning bodies, local government and provider groups to evaluate impact of access, authorization processes and scope/ quality of services offered.
  • Comprehensive planning and development
  •  Oversees development of the clinical programs within the assigned region
  • Integrates recommendations and directive of the Executive Leadership Team.
  • Agency/Community Relations.
  • Works proactively with contract agencies and other state agencies to assure that policy and procedures will meet the needs of the LME, as well as serving as liaison with the local and state agencies to maintain positive relationships.
  • Assures appropriate communication with local advocacy groups, community agencies, referral bodies, planning bodies, provider groups, and local government to identify service needs, alleviate problem areas and to measure operational performance.
  • Monitors community relations of the agency to include client rights, client grievances, advocacy, and consumer education. 


Masters level Psychologist, Social Worker, Counselor, or MFT and possess full or provisional licensure as an LCSW, LPC, LPA or LMFT in North Carolina


Full or provisional licensure with two (2) years of clinical experience and two (2) years of administrative experience in the human services industry required. Family Centered Treatment (FCT) knowledge is desired. Applicant must have a working knowledge of fiscal and operational management in the healthcare industry.