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IAFT (Foster Care) Therapist/ TFC Consultant


Asheville, North Carolina, United States

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This position functions as a member of a small foster care unit at a satellite office in Sylva.    This position is responsible for serving a direct caseload of up to 5 IAFT clients.  Position provides clinical treatment for the client, the treatment parent(s) and the family of permanence; and performs case management functions to ensure continuity of care from case selection, admission and through the discharge planning process.    Position supports the growth and retention of IAFT foster parents and the IAFT program in Sylva/ Jackson county.  Teamwork and communication is essential to developing the interdependent, cohesive and collaborative working environment necessary for a small program to grow and flourish.
          92%     IAFT Case Consultant & Therapist  
  • Carry a maximum caseload of 5 clients
  • Meet all required IAFT elements in delivery of case management and clinical services
  • Meet foster care unit requirements for communication, staffing, data collection, documentation and notifications

            5 %      Clinical Coordination 

  • Chair a weekly case staffing attended by all Charlotte associates, to ensure:
    • A culture of teamwork
    • Treatment that is responsive to the needs of the client
    • Supervision that is responsive to the needs of the treatment parents
    • Team members have adequate working knowledge across caseloads to provide cross-support when needed

3 %      Other Duties and Responsibilities

·        Marketing and recruitment of new foster parents

·        Other duties as requested from time to time by leadership



 Masters Level Degree with a license in counseling



At least one year full-time, post baccalaureate accumulated MH/DD/SA experience with the population served.